Second Amendment Protects Civil Liberties And Freedom New Mexico

The right to keep and bear arms as written in the Second Amendment is the foundation of our freedom and our way of life as New Mexicans. It provides us with many protections, both direct and indirect, and it is paramount we make sure it stays that way.

Our rights and freedom are under attack. To move their radical agenda forward, gun-hating Progressives often ignore the Second Amendment’s fundamental purpose and try to frame our rights within the context of things like hunting. By doing this, they downplay the importance of firearm ownership for self-protection and to safeguard our freedom – but we know better.

We know that firearms are our first line of defense from outside invaders and they protect other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, association, and religion. History teaches that the right to bear arms is sometimes the only thing that protects the weak and innocent from persecution.  

We know that the Second Amendment was so brilliantly written into the Bill of Rights to ensure that we – responsible, dedicated, patriotic Americans – would always have the ability to defend all our God-given rights.

The origins of the Second Amendment date back to the American Revolution, when colonists were fearful that occupying British troops would establish an oppressive presence in their communities. They were proven right time and again after incidents like the Boston Massacre, where defenseless colonists were senselessly murdered without any way to fight back.

The Founding Fathers looked to events like these when they drafted the Constitution in 1787. The right to keep and bear arms flows directly from the natural rights to life and liberty. Recognizing the need for every citizen of the newly-created United States of America to be protected from a tyrannical, violent government, they sought a solution that would provide everyone with the means for self-preservation. The Second Amendment was born.

Americans today face a constant threat from Progressive Democrats nationwide. We are now subject to mob-enforced, politically correct speech codes under which people who do not toe the line are doxed, threatened, and may even lose their jobs. It is clear where this trend is going. If they do not hesitate to unleash a mob that threatens you and your family now, imagine what they will do once you are disarmed.

The Second Amendment is what stands between you and their overreach, just as it did for the Colonists during the American Revolution. Our gun rights ensure that any government – no matter who or which political party controls it – has a check on its power. These sacred rights help protect the rights of everyone – regardless of political ideology.

This is why elected officials in nearly every county in New Mexico – Democrats and Republicans alike – stood up against extreme anti-gun regulations and declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuary counties.

Donate here to help us elect legislators who will safeguard this sacred right and spread the word about our movement and the fight to keep our freedom. Also, consider sharing with a friend on social media to get everyone you know who loves freedom to join our movement. Now is the time to step up and be counted and to defend what we believe in. We cannot do it without your help.