Democrats Support Gun Control Switch Political Parties Defend Second Amendment

For too long, liberal Democrats in New Mexico have taken for granted the votes of responsible gun owners, figuring they can pass incremental gun control without anyone noticing how our rights are being fundamentally eroded. In 2019, they finally went too far and overheated their barrels.

In response to these measures that were making their way through the legislature under the guise of “public safety,” the Sanctuary County initiatives sprung up. This grassroots groundswell from Democratic and Republican counties alike made it clear that New Mexicans of all partisan stripes support the Second Amendment.

However, the reaction from the progressive elites made it obvious that progressives now control the Democratic Party in New Mexico and they no longer believe in your right to keep and bear arms. Defy their extreme agenda in the loudest way possible by switching parties. Prove that they cannot take your votes for granted and that gun owners in New Mexico will not tolerate attacks on their freedom.

The process to change your party registration only takes a few minutes and can be done online by clicking here. All you need is a driver’s license or ID number, social security card, and other basic information. If you prefer, you can also switch parties in person at your County Clerk’s office.

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Conservative Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and Republicans can create a broad coalition of freedom-loving New Mexicans who fight for our right to keep and bear arms. We must always stand together by standing up against Progressives who want to take away your guns.

Switching parties is a quick and easy way to send a loud and clear message.