Defend Second Amendment New Mexico Run For Political Office


If you are a well-respected member of your community and you feel strongly about joining the fight to keep our freedom, we need you to run for office.

New Mexicans need people from every walk of life and all corners of our state to step up. It does not matter if you are a rancher from the Four Corners area, or a concerned citizen from Doña Ana County, or anyone, anywhere in between – if your friends and neighbors listen to you and you can help unite your community in support of the Second Amendment, we need you now more than ever.

All it will take for progressive activists to win again is for freedom-loving patriots like you to sit on the sideline in the next election.

It does not matter if you have never considered running for office or have no idea where to begin. If you want to do something about the attacks on our way of life, we will guide you through the process and provide you with the organizational support you will need every step of the way.

We can help you with:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Raising money
  • Organizing volunteers
  • Voter outreach
  • Polling

We will have your back, we will help you fight and win. Whether it is in the Roundhouse, your county commission, or local town hall – we need freedom-loving patriots at every level of our government. Fill out the form below and someone from our organization will get in touch to further discuss your vision for gun rights in New Mexico and how we might work together.

Reach out to us today.