Progressives Targeted Your Gun Rights During 2019 Session

Gun Rights Targeted New Mexico LegislatureProgressive Democrats in Santa Fe wasted no time escalating their war on guns during this year’s legislative session. Immediately after seizing power, they began to force disastrous anti-gun bills through the legislature, with some even making their way into law.

Unfortunately, these gun control measures will only result in New Mexico being a more dangerous place to live, work, and raise a family as fewer law-abiding citizens will be armed and criminals, who already ignore the existing laws, will continue to disregard them.

One of the most dangerous bills, Senate Bill 8 (SB8), claims to establish “universal background checks” for all firearm purchases. In reality, all it establishes is a universal method of keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding New Mexicans.

Studies funded by anti-gun activist groups have shown time and again that expanding background checks will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals nor will they have any impact on reducing violent crime. As Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County said, it is just “garbage legislation” that “we have evidence won’t work”.

Another radical proposal, “red flag” laws or “extreme risk protection orders”, gained substantial traction, although luckily never making it to the Governor’s desk. This law would give police officers the authority to enter your home and confiscate your firearms without notice, only requiring someone to make a complaint against you. This is perhaps the most extreme anti-gun initiative ever undertaken by the New Mexico Legislature, and it highlights their willingness to cast aside the Second Amendment in favor of total confiscation.

Thankfully, pro-freedom legislators stopped “red flag” laws in their tracks this year, but there’s no doubt they will continue returning until progressives get their way.

Other bills included the Safe Storage Act, which would prevent you from having your firearm at the ready in the event of a violent intruder entering your home, or an extraordinarily high tax on ammunition which would make shooting prohibitively expensive for many New Mexicans. All these initiatives make one thing absolutely clear: progressive legislators and their allies want to take your guns away from you, and they are only just beginning their pursuit to do so.

Even though she promised that as governor, she would “ensure that crime bills are responsive to public safety needs in an evidenced-based manner,” Michelle Lujan Grisham has proven she is hellbent on signing any ineffective bill that reaches her desk, as long as it infringes on your Second Amendment rights. She has made it clear that she will ignore the data and give anti-gun radicals an inroad to pursue their extreme agenda. She is not on the side of firearm owners in New Mexico and she must be stopped before it is too late by electing pro-freedom legislators.

Keep Our Freedom New Mexico is fighting to make sure that the Second Amendment is protected for generations to come. To fight back against this avalanche of anti-freedom gun control legislation, we need you to join our movement and help spread the word.

Image from Mitch Barrie on the flickr Creative Commons