State Preemption Law

State Preemption Law Second Amendment Nex MexicoLegal preemption is an important protection of our Second Amendment rights because it prevents local governments from enacting stricter gun control laws than the state. It is no surprise that progressive Democrats are doing everything they can to get rid of this protection so that they can move forward with their full agenda to ban guns and deprive us of our freedom.

Gun control activists have shown their cards and admitted they want to repeal this important provision of state law so they can trample on your rights with insanely high ammunition taxes and a ban on so-called assault rifles, ultimately turning places like Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces into “gun-free zones.”

A majority of counties and cities with different gun control laws would mean that New Mexicans traveling across city limits or county lines would have to take costly detours around gun free zones while criminals will ignore the law and enter anyway. 

It also creates a risk for New Mexicans to inadvertently break the law by simply moving from one jurisdiction to another. Keeping up with the minutia of local laws will make it nearly impossible for our residents to avoid falling into this trap, even though the Second Amendment guarantees this right regardless of jurisdiction. We don’t forfeit our rights just because we enter certain city limits or drive across county lines.

The goal is to create an impenetrable network of regulations, restrictions, and rules that are impossible to navigate. In doing so, progressives are hopeful that gun owners will get fed up with the details and stop bringing their guns with them altogether.

The result will be fewer law-abiding New Mexicans who are able to defend themselves and others when law enforcement is too far away, while those looking to do us harm pay no heed to local laws. Again, contrary to what the anti-freedom progressives tell us when pitching their gun control schemes, repealing the state preemption law will make our state less safe. 

Stand with us to keep our freedom and make sure we can bring our guns where we want, when we want, so that we are always protected and safe.

Image from verkeorg on the flickr Creative Commons