Ammunition Tax

Ammunition Tax New MexicoGovernment officials in Santa Fe, including Speaker of the House Brian Egolf, plotted with extreme anti-gun activists to increase the cost of ammunition so much that it would become unaffordable for the citizens of our state. This deceitful ploy is nothing but an unabashed gun control regulatory scheme.

Their ammunition tax is not designed to raise revenue – its sole purpose is to make exercising your Second Amendment rights so expensive that you can no longer afford to hunt, sport shoot, or protect your family.

This scheme was exposed through a public records request of emails sent by Santa Fe city officials. In the emails, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber revealed that the Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives, Brian Egolf, advocated for an ammunition tax.

While New Mexico’s preemption law currently stands between the Santa Fe City Council and an anti-freedom ammunition tax, it appears Speaker Egolf is champing at the bit to unleash this disastrous policy on the whole of New Mexico.

Proposals in other states give us a clue as to what we can expect from progressive legislators in New Mexico. For example, Connecticut lawmakers recently proposed an astronomical 50% tax on ammunition.

The bill’s supporters claimed that it was a preventative measure to keep ammunition out of the hands of criminals, when in reality, it would only create a dangerous black market while encroaching heavily on the Second Amendment rights of legal gun-owners.

Raising the prices on ammunition in New Mexico would also take a heavy toll on our countless residents that rely on subsistence hunting to feed their families. No one should have to ration ammunition when hunting to put food on their family’s table or divert precious resources away from other necessities as a result of skyrocketing ammunition costs.

The preposterous idea that raising the prices on ammunition will protect the public is yet another example of how gun-hating Progressives are willing to subvert, manipulate, and lie to the public to get their way. Violent criminals who are often considerably wealthy thanks to illegal business enterprises like drug dealing will not cower in the face of increased ammunition costs. On the other hand, law-abiding gun owners will face prohibitively high prices when purchasing ammunition for sporting, hunting, self-defense, or passing on a time-honored tradition to their kids and grandkids.

There is little doubt that Progressives will continue to move forward with an ammunition tax, especially if we do not prevail in the 2020 election. If you are worried about increases in ammunition costs, tell your friends that you need them to stand with us against this deceitful gun control ploy.

Image from Raymond M. on the flickr Creative Commons